Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Find out with the help of a water testing company serving Dalton, Pittsfield, MA & all of Berkshire County

Is there contaminated water coming into your Dalton or Pittsfield, MA area home? A water testing company can help you find out. When you hire Bailey Home Inspections for a test, we'll check your water for a variety of contaminants, as well as evaluating its pH balance, so you'll know exactly what's in your water.

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Does your water contain these contaminants?

Does your water contain these contaminants?

Our water testing service is designed to alert you to the presence of contaminants like:

  • E. coli, a bacterium that can impair your digestive system.
  • Heavy metals that can cause blood cell, brain and kidney damage.
  • Minerals, which are fine in small doses but can be dangerous in large concentrations.

Make sure your home in the Dalton, MA area is free of contaminants. Call 413-822-1258 today to make an appointment with a trusted water testing company.